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“Air duct cleaning near me ” you ask? Well, you’ve found us!  It’s time to clear the air, literally. One of your home’s most essential maintenance aspects is ensuring clean ducts as it impacts your air quality. Air duct cleaning will not only extend the life of your furnace, but it can also improve the health of your family and save you money. Air duct cleaning Atlanta residential homes is what Air Pro does, and we are very good at it.

Efficiency is critical, and while dusty ducts may seem like an inconvenience at most, there is actually more to consider. Dirty ducts impede the ability of furnaces, A/C units, and even dryers to run efficiently and put stress on the machines. You can take years off the longevity of your appliances this way, and also increase your utility bills.

Beyond that, your duct system moves air around your home, but that isn’t all that can be circulated if those ducts are dirty or dusty. Allergens, contaminants, dust, and bacteria can all circulate through air ducts and impact respiratory systems and overall health.

It’s hard to consider the air in our own homes could be polluted. Still, many different sources can lead to indoor air pollution, such as wet carpets, household cleaning products, and even the use of personal beauty products. Even when the source of these problems has been dealt with at the room level, if you don’t also clean your air circulation system, the bacteria, fungus, spores, irritants, and dust mites will still be circulating through your home.

With all of this in mind, it is vital that your duct cleaning be done by a professional who uses specialized equipment. With Atlanta Air Duct Pro, we have over 20 years of experience, use HEPA filtration and Rotobrush machinery to clean and sanitize ducts with E.P.A. approved products.

This will help eliminate all of the harmful allergens and bacteria we’ve discussed above. Once cleaned, an electrostatic filter will collect up to 95% of airborne contaminants before they have a chance of entering your duct system.


Bacteria and Irritants

It is recommended that you get your air ducts cleaned on a yearly basis to eliminate dust mites and mold spores and prevent build-ups that can impact your appliances. If you have allergies especially, a yearly duct cleaning will make a noticeable positive impact.

Dust Mite Cleaning

Hundreds of thousands of dust mites and their fecal matter causes allergies.

Mold Spores

Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce by means of tiny, lightweight spores that travel through the air.

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For the last 22 years, we have made it our priority to provide the best service to our customers, and we’ve evolved and adapted to their needs. We follow environmental protection agency standards and are always on a mission to help bring the experience of quality air to our customers.

EPA Certified
Certified in HVAC

Residential Air Ducts

One of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution in the home is often dirty air ducts. This causes stress on overall health, appliances, and bank accounts.


We have the expertise and equipment to clean and decontaminate commercial buildings. We also offer services on newly constructed buildings to deal with leftover construction debris.

Blower Motor Cleaning

The blower motor is found inside of the furnace and is responsible for moving air throughout the ducts. Proper cleaning improves efficiency and further eliminates allergens and dust mites.

Coil Evaporator Cleaning

Whether it’s cold winters or hot summers, it’s crucial that your coil evaporator run smoothly. This is the component that allows your home to stay comfortable year-round.

Mold & Mildew Elimination

Mold and mildew build-up can lead to big health concerns, especially for those with asthma or allergies. Mold thrives in dark and damp places and sometimes can be hard to find and identify. It is important to use a professional to deal with mold.

Air Duct Decontamination

Poor air quality in homes has become a serious issue. In extreme cases, the air inside a home can be over two to five times more unsafe than the air outdoors.

AC Condenser Unit Cleaning

Dirt, dust, and debris can clog cooling fins, impact the coolant level, and radically reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Skipping an annual clean is not recommended.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer is one of the main appliances that can be negatively impacted by clogged vents. Without proper ventilation, the machine will struggle to work properly and may even stop working completely.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can hold on to a lot of bacteria, irritants, allergens, and dust mites. Clean vents don’t mean much if they are being forced to circulate air from dirty carpets.

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We are a company that believes in putting the customer first. We have spent over 20 years streamlining our methods to provide quality service and a great customer experience. Here at Atlanta Air Pro, we specialize in duct cleaning and sanitizing to improve our customers’ indoor air quality and overall quality of life.

Whether it be residential or commercial, we are fully equipped and capable of handling any task related to duct cleaning and indoor air quality improvement.

State of the Art Dirt & Debris Source Removal

Atlanta Air Pro utilizes HEPA-AIRE® Portable Power Vac. With our experience and expertise, we are able to eliminate dust, bacteria, and allergens quickly and efficiently. We also use specially designed Agitation Tools for efficient state-of-the-art source removal duct cleaning.

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