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Coil Evaporator Cleaning

Coil Evaporator Cleaning

Atlanta Coil Evaporator Cleaning and Repair

In order to keep you home comfortable all year long including hot summers and cold winters, your coil evaporator needs to be running efficiently.  It’s main function is to transfer heat which in turn keeps your home hot or cool whenever you need it.

You may notice that the air flow has slowed significantly or even stopped, even though you can hear the air handler running. You may also notice that the air isn’t as cool as it used to be or should be. Aside from having a house that is not cool enough, this can also cause problems like high electricity bills or damage to other parts of the air conditioner.

How does a coil evaporator work?

Your coil evaporator is usually installed within the furnace or as part of your air handler.  Within the coils are refrigerant which evaporates while absorbing heat from the indoor air which is steadily passing over it.  The coil behaves as a “heat exchanger” working in unison with your heating system during the winter and your cooling system during the hot Atlanta summer.

Keep your coil evaporator clean!

Keeping your coil evaporator clean throughout the year ensures that your system is running at full efficiency and performance stays at a high.  A dirty coil could have the opposite effect.  Coil evaporators tend to get dirtier faster and stay dirty longer because they are usually very hard to reach and not recommended to be cleaned by the homeowner.  You should instead, leave it to the professionals at Atlanta Air Pro.  We offer free evaluations so give us a call today at 404-437-4508.

A cleaned coil evaporator will provide cleaner air in your home and allow your furnace to work more efficiently.  Once we expose your cooling coil, we are looking for wear down signs such as:

  • Dirt and debris
  • Mold
  • Staining which indicates a refrigerant leak
  • Ice or frost
  • Damaged fins on the coil

Any of these could be the culprit that is degrading the performance of your  AC system. Some of these you can take care of pretty simply on your own – if there is obvious debris that you can remove safely, do so – but for most repairs you will want to call in a licensed technician. Let a professional such as Atlanta Air Pro who is trained in safely and effectively repairing the problem take care of it, so that your home can be comfortable again